Thank You, Susan Boyle

Sung to the tune of I Dreamed a Dream from Les Miserables. (Sorry for the extra verse.)

I dreamed a dream of future clear,
Of boyhood plans and vague ambitions.
This thing that I would call “career,”
With cowboy hats and lunar missions.

But then there came the bills to pay,
And dreams were something one did sleeping.
My goals for life I’d put away
Deep in my brain, for safer keeping.

My harshest critics roll their eyes,
Betraying lowered expectation.
And so it comes as no surprise
That I would join in their negation.

The life that I have been denied,
I see so many others living.
Times I thought I’m satisfied
I can count upon one hand.

But then this woman, near my age,
Without a job, with modest dressing,
She sings a song, and she’s the rage,
The night she shows the world her blessing.

On hearing this, the time has come
To face that I’m my only critic.
I must cheer for my own team
Before I kill
The dream I dreamed.

Lest you haven’t yet seen the video, here’s a link. (They’ve disabled embedding.)


5 responses to “Thank You, Susan Boyle

  1. I can tell you that I really like your version of I HAVE A DREAM. As another somewhat full figgered lady and also a little bit over the middle age mark, it is true that the elusive dreams seem to gnaw at one, without mercy.I am elated that Susan got her moment in the light. She is prolly not too sensitive to the negatives, she has learned to cope there.I agree that some of it did not need to be said and the young chic with the beak , making the face ,will learn that life isnt always pretty. Hopefully she will learn to see beauty where it is. The light of Susan’s face is enough for me, altho I will say I have listened to her song about 20 times since yesterday. She is amazing! Yes I am a granma. and a frustrated singer, but I would not compare myself to her for a moment. She is wonderful. BTW, I like the word DIFLUCAN. Im a nurse and often make myself laugh saying it different ways. IT JUST TICKLES ME. So carry on Mr. Wolff. Glad I found your page.It is amusing and I like your sense of humor. bless you

  2. I enjoy the word “Plavix” myself.

  3. Thanks for commenting on my Susan Boyle post! I like your rhymes, too.

  4. Excellent take on Susan Boyle. The woman has a fantastic voice! I hate to admit how many times I watched that video, but it was into the wee hours of the morning.

    Everyone has a dream they would like to fulfill, and Susan has reminded them all to take that effort and make that step.

  5. Your version is good. I like it. Why are you both naming drugs?? :S

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