Come On In, the Place Is a Mess

Welcome, Liz Strauss of and your Blog-To-Show entourage, to my little corner of heaven.

There’s no real functionality here except the posts. They came hot and heavy the first two weeks I started this, but got boring even to me soon after. I usually allot early Sunday morning to updating, which is why I’ve reconciled myself to doing a sort of meta-post today. I’ve gotten better at it; in particular, my recollections of a visit to England and a parsing of the Declaration of Independence on the Fourth of July stand out in recent memory.

Tomorrow’s post should be a turning point for me. I’m inviting as many replies as I can garner, because it will be in the form of a huge question, a solicitation for advice. The subject: what should I be when I grow up. Or more to the point, which. I have this attic of viable ideas, any one of which could bring me satisfaction and success, some even an income. The reason why they’re all in this metaphorical attic is the crux of the question.

I can’t devote the time to typing it all out today, but I’ll give it its due attention tomorrow. So stay tuned! I’ll be pinging particular Twitter followers whose opinions I would value. Previously, I attempted quantity of readership. Tomorrow, I’ll be hoping for quality of response.

Thanks, and again, welcome. If you see any thing you like, name your price!


2 responses to “Come On In, the Place Is a Mess

  1. I saw your link on Liz’s Blog-to Show, and I’m glad I did! Your blog is looking great!

    I look forward to seeing that next post–good luck!

  2. (PS, that logo is awesome–totally Art Deco) 🙂

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