Do Try This at Home, Please!

As I sit here, my debut on BlogTV is two days and a few hours away. I’m at a bit of a loss as to how to promote it much more than I have (which is weird, since on Twitter I can’t swing a dead cat without hitting someone “in marketing”). But if not now, for the debut, then eventually as my audience grows, and I demonstrate a discipline to be there every Monday night at 8pm Eastern US time, and I get better with the technology, and I get the confidence that comes from getting up Tuesday morning with a little victory.

What show, you say? You haven’t heard? It’s called “A Medieval Hand: Calligraphy You Can Do.” See the blog I started just for the show, which will, with a simple embed, give you the show itself when the time comes.

For now, I need to test the multi-camera capabilities of CamTwist, arrange the furniture so I can flick back and forth between demonstrating the writing and fooling with the computer. And I need to clean this room!

POSTSCRIPT, July 5, 2008: Due to a mutual lack of interest in spite of 3 weeks of presenting the idea to the social-media public, I’ve decided to shut down the venture. This post remains, just so you don’t wonder if you were imagining things. Also, it’s good to admit that I make some wrong turns on my way to wherever the hell it is I’m going. If you want to take a whack at the concept, by all means, don’t hesitate because of me.


2 responses to “Do Try This at Home, Please!

  1. Thanks for dropping by the Par-tay. Your show sounds cool! My friend’s mom is a serious calligrapher.

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