Give Me a Mic, and I Might Say This

I’ve been listening to a treasure-trove of podcasts from South by Southwest Interactive, recordings of many of the sessions. They get my brain working, sometimes straying off the topic, and I find myself stopping the playback in the car and addressing an imaginary audience. At first, in my mind’s eye, they all look like me, but eventually they start to look like typical people of my generation and above, active people who like to upset expectations and grab the present-day by the horns. They’ve been called Baby-Boomers, but the Internet Generation doesn’t know what to do with them. Since the media pieces from the younger people deal with interests that have little to do with age, the Boomer generation represents an untapped resource for at first an audience, and eventually new participants. Simultaneously, these Boomers are thought of as “grumpy old men” who will reject newness ad hoc, and are a path of more resistance than there’s time for in a day.

Seems it’s time for one or more people who find one foot in each world to get the two worlds to talk to each other, in a common language, with wise-ass lingo kept to a minimum and the Golden Rule practiced in every exchange. I know Len Edgerly does this with arts groups in Colorado and wherever else he’s invited.

I can picture me doing this, too. I’d do a great job. Let’s discuss this at PodCamp NYC at the end of this week.


3 responses to “Give Me a Mic, and I Might Say This

  1. Sounds interesting – I’m looking forward to it! See you at PodCampNYC šŸ™‚

  2. Thanks for the mention, Rick. I took my Internet show to a meeting of the Colorado Press Women recently. They were mainly older than I am (57), and it was great fun. My personal test of whether I’m staying nontechnical enough is if I can generate excitement about Google Reader without ever mentioning the letters RSS. I almost did it this time, except for someone asked a smart question. When I stated that I don’t listen to radio any more in the car, because it seems barbaric to have to choose from a few stations that probably won’t share my eclectic interests, a woman of about 80 years old interrupted me by shouting out the call letters of her favorite AM station. I think its specialty was big band music, and I’d like to check it out!

  3. Your instincts, in watching each word and picking the least intimidating synonym, is something we have in common. To a certain extent, I first heard it from you. My choices might vary a little. But our reasoning is exactly the same.

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