Drumroll, Please…

In our last episode, we met our hero (well, me) at a three-way fork in the road. My Web start-up, my mail-order DVD, or my animated short? Animation it is. I have once again hung the shingle of aspiring animator.

My reasons are purely psychological, and are inspired by a pleasant Easter Sunday with my wife toodling around Barnes & Noble, where we saw books we like right there on the shelves, gave the lady money, and walked out with them. No postage, no typing or clicking. How long has this been around?

Some of the books were actually expensive magazines from England, with the CD in the back, the kind graphic artists lust after. They were colorful and inviting, and they stimulated an old but familiar feeling in my brain and my fingers. I felt creative again, in a way my job has discouraged of late.

So there you have it. My plan of attack is to continue testing the limits of this software. I’m making a list of experiments. A scanner is my next purchase, since I know I like to draw in pencil on paper.

Should you care to, you can follow my milestones on this project as I go. This personal blog will likely take the form of a production blog, though I reserve the right to put down anything I’m thinking at the time.

Yep, spring is in the air, the coffee’s on, and my fingers itch. In a good way.


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