Fred and Sharon Spencer Are My Heroes

I have such a natural impulse to sound like the tongue-in-cheek city slicker who calls the heartland “flyover country” and goes for weeks without getting my hands dirty. I am one of those, but I must fight the tendency. Because that’s not what’s inspiring my fascination and delight with a recent YouTube find. It’s a video capabilities brochure called “Who Needs a Movie?” from a ma-and-pa video production company in (I think) British Columbia, Fred and Sharon Spencer of

This guy Fred (I’m assuming he’s the principal; if not, forgive me) follows his own muse. He’s a video jack-of-all-trades. And say what you will, he’s done more media on the Internet than I have. When the man with the advice said “Just do it,” Fred heeded the call, while I’m still getting my act together—just as soon as I figure out that that act will be. While we who are obsessed about things like production values and instant success and reputation and personal branding and monetization have all we can do to start, much less finish, Fred is up and running, his wife Sharon right by his side when needed.

And while I’m now hobnobbing via Internet with people I know can run rings around the Spencers in terms of production quality, I know they’re beating their heads against the wall (and each others’ heads) to find the next eyeball-attracting idea. Fred’s views for this little ditty? Nearly 577,000 as of this writing.

On his website, there’s one freebie video (a YouTube embed—why pay for your own server?), and a chance to pay (!) to see more (possibly more YouTube embeds). You laugh. Think he hasn’t made back his initial investment? You sure about that?

Yeah, the views are racked up by kids who can’t believe such a video exists, and judging by the comments, there is a city-slicker ridicule factor. Think Fred cares? Should he? Would you?

When next you hear of Fred Spencer, he’ll be hired by some huge ad agency to produce the next “viral video.”


5 responses to “Fred and Sharon Spencer Are My Heroes

  1. I have just read your blog about Fred and Sharon’s Movies. I thought you captured our spirit rather well. I especially liked the comment ‘Just Do It’.
    What I would like to say today, for all of those mired in academia or dead end jobs, creative people who have lost their way trying to create perfection, JUST DO IT.
    Super Doris says Hi.

  2. Mr. Spencer, funny you should send this response today. I’m in the process of doing just that. I’ve been cooking up an actual project I think will do some good.

  3. We love Fred. We know him as Fred the Baker at the Kelowna B.C. market.don’t know how he has time to do all he does. Very happy with the video he did of us [under business]. People here from Vernon [half hour north of Kelowna] are tickled with the Trumpet Band video. Those kids have travelled across Canada , to Europe and Disneyland–all with no grants or public money. Bev

  4. Contessa Toresa

    I have known Fred & Sharon for about 20 years now, I even attended their Wedding. Due to their moving away from Penticton they pursued the Bakery Business, we lost touch for about four years — in the last three years we resumed our close connection. In the fall of 2007, Fred told me that he was producing his own movies — something that I have always wanted to do – – just haven’t learn’t the computer skills as of yet. When he sent me the Bush/Gandi movie he made –WOW — I was so impressed — that is powerful stuff, and is exactly the kind of movies I would like to make. His personal creation of Delightful Doris & the Ogopogo skit is so refreshing as he has embraced the phycological mytical humor! I marvel at Fred’s creative talents and look forward to his future creations, as they will all effect a positive change in all who view them. Plus, if you have something to market such as a skill or product I would hire Fred to do the video creation of it. Toresa

  5. I think Canada could use a Prime Minister like Fred. He is my hero too. It takes guts to JUST DO IT. Most of us never get off the couch. Amen to Fred & Sharon. (lighting up the world just a little) its a big job and Fred does it so naturally.

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