My Innermost Thoughts (Not)

There’s a woman on Twitter I’m following, who’s going through a lot of life changes, and not in a good sense. She tweets the daily routine items she must deal with in spite of this calamity, the musings and philosophy she’s using to get her through the day, and how it impacts her business and friendships. Propriety keeps me from writing here her business, her calamity, and certainly, her name. Which is my point today.

I have some things happening in my life that I wouldn’t dream of writing here. They’re taking up my time and sapping my energy, and they are throwing every aspect of my life for a loop. I have some inkling of the causes, sorting them out from effects, and am working up the nerve to involve professionals for help. None of this is seeing the light of day online. Even writing this paragraph was an ordeal, as will be hitting the “publish” button in a few minutes.

Yet, we’re told by blogging experts that we must disgorge our innermost thoughts, and that that is what racks us up points in some scoreboard somewhere, the significance of which will be made clear when you get that high ranking, but until then, we’re to take their word for it and blog away, whether it’s incriminating or embarrassing, now or ever. Just leave no stone unturned, no secret left unrevealed.

Oh, and while you’re at it, since suppliers and clients and prospects will be using these same channels and peeking at these posts to get the cut of your jib, it’s never too late to consider personal branding.

Does anyone see the conflict here? That so few do, or admit they do, is baffling to me.

My thoughts are my private property. I don’t have right to yours, nor you to mine.

And you future suppliers and clients and prospects: I suspect that you have the same misgivings about this aspect of “social media”. You share my sense of privacy, and you suspect as do I that we’re in the vast majority of Americans, if not humans. In which case, it’s an extra pleasure doing business with you!


One response to “My Innermost Thoughts (Not)

  1. I think there is a difference between open and transparent versus divulging all your innermost thoughts. While some may think I write about everything in my life, a long while back there were certain people, places, things and issues I decided I would not mention online. Part of it is meant to keep my personal life personal, and part of it is for personal security. And a lot of what is said about being transparent in blogs is addressed at organizations blogging, since so many are wont to put together a canned and vetted marketing message rather than to speak personably and off-the-cuff.

    I think you are doing just fine so far. 😉


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