The Pimps from Austin

I think it’s safe to draw a big enough circle in the Venn diagram to include new-media people along with new-marketing people. You’re all on board with each others’ agendas. We all know how suspicious everyone has gotten of being marketed at, and the practitioners in my circle particularly so. Interruption marketing has given way to conversation marketing, so goes the mantra.

So now that South by Southwest Interactive (good to see it spelled out once in a while) is over for ’08, all the attendees are busy cataloguing and posting their media recordings, and Flickr, Qik and Utterz bulge visibly. And you invite me to check it all out, via a link in Twitter, as well you should.

So far, more often than not, it’s some short piece where the holder of the camera records the target of the camera pimping whatever project he or she is working on, or some online gig or other.

I feel like the boy in Gene Shepard’s A Christmas Story, laboring over my Little Orphan Annie decoder ring, only to decipher “Don’t forget to drink Ovaltine.”

It seems the message of “personal branding” and that of “conversational marketing” are still perceived to be at opposite ends among today’s plugola-savvy mediamakers. This in spite of SxSW. I hope not because of it.


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