Oh, Alright Already

• Deliberative
• Intellection
• Adaptablility
• Input
• Learner

These are the results of my Strengths Finder 2.0 online evaluation. Apparently, I love words, and should start to write something, like a blog.

As a graphic artist on a Macintosh computer for 20 years, I’ve had my share of exposure to marketing; indeed, I consider my trade under the umbrella of marketing, not art. So I see the blogs and listen to the podcasts of current English-writing and -speaking online marketing practitioners and opinion leaders, all of whom seem to know each other. And though they’ve never met me, and don’t know me, they say I am a cipher, a flying dust speck of modern civilization, unless and until I blog.

As a visitor to the Internet for ten years, I’ve seen fads come and go, all of which were toted as the thing to try, the place to be, the “space to play in”. Currently, the building block, the sine qua non, is the blog.

I’ll starve to death, obscure, broke and friendless, unless I put my thoughts up on a website for all to read and comment on, over and over. Only then will my life have meaning, will I be able to see nature’s full color gamut, will I win friends and influence people. What people did before blogs is nothing I should worry my pretty head over, because what’s past is prologue, and the culmination of the species is the blog.

So here. A blog. Voilá.

I’m sure that 99% of the things I could write in this have already been written, maybe verbatim, by thousands of people roughly half my age. (I considered naming this introductory post “Bloggo Ergo Sum”, but a hefty Google result showed me how clever I’m not.) I’m sure that my postings will be erratically timed, that is if I get beyond two posts, which is as far as I got in each of about four other attempts of various kinds. I’m not sure anyone will read this, and if you do, I’m not sure how I’ll know.

This is as out of my comfort zone as I ever get nowadays.


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